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Articles & Postings // Published June 21, 2011 // Written by Mike Boas
Stop-motion tribute to B-movie monsters

Here’s an animated music video worth checking out.  Jeremy Galante, who worked for a time with Animatus Studio in Rochester, is a co-director on the piece, and it’s a feel-good love story about a mad scientist and his robot-woman creation. “(Baby) It’s You!” is a stop-motion tribute to B-movie monsters and classic sci-fi/horror movies.  It was produced at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania by faculty members Jeremy Galante and Brad Pattullo, in collaboration with artist David Cowles in Rochester. The song itself is by The Boys, and was recorded back in the 1970s. Cowles knew Danny Shonerd of the group, and asked if he could make a video just for fun. Cowles approached Galante, whom he had worked with on several projects before (including videos for They Might Be Giants and an amazing promo for the RPO) and asked about doing it in stop motion. According to Galante, “I knew just the guy for the job – Brad Pattullo, my colleague, who specializes in it. So Dave conceived the idea, boarded, designed the characters, and made all of the backgrounds. Brad built all of the props/puppets and animated the more complex stuff (bricks). During pre-production, I tagged along, looking over Brad’s shoulder (since I was new to stop-mo) and helped him where I could. During production, I also animated, and eventually, did all of the editing in After Effects, and composited the special effects.” The three communicated over email, directing and editing over a six month period in off-hours and on weekends.  Animation was shot using a DSLR and the Dragon Stop-Motion program.  Mike Genz, (another faculty member)  helped out, as did Rob Sassi, an Edinboro student.  Victoria Rose Zalewski (who worked on the stop-motion feature Coraline) did the costumes. See plenty of behind-the-scenes photos and videos at http://baby-itsyou.blogspot.com.

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